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Hotel management has never been easier and more efficient. Vilicotel provides good results being used in any kind of travel units, hotel or pension, regardless the complexity or dimension. You can choose the needed functionalities for your business.

You can also get additional modules that offer some useful extensions of the application’s functionality. You can also connect your website to Vilicotel, and so, you can have reservation forms and a list of available rooms on your website, this way, customers can see if there are available rooms in a certain period and make online web reservations.


Basic elements:


Room administration

The most important information regarding a room is about endowment and the state of the room. Because a Hotel can have different types of rooms it might be difficult to have in mind the state of each room. Vilicotel makes it easier for you to do this; it uses an easy to access room diagram that also allows making changes, if needed.


Customer administration

Vilicotel’s database stores multiple information concerning customers: ID, personal data, a history of services per customer, contact data etc. offering in this way a quick and easy identification of the previous customers.


Prices and invoices

The invoice for a customer contains all the products and services bought. The prices for products and services are easy to configure in the program, and then the invoice part will also be easy to accomplish.


On-line reservation

Once you have made an online reservation on the portal or on the hotel’s website, this data is automatically imported in the program. Also, in order to improve the efficiency, the state of the rooms can be available on the website. By request the application can be configured to link with any system for online web reservation.



Hotels and any travel facilities have to be in permanent connection with their customers. The application allows you to create a customer database, facilitating the sending of newsletters with special offers and latest news through e-mail, fax or post.


Archiving and protection

To increase the work speed and reduce the dimension of the database, older information can be sent to archive. Vilicotel has implemented important data protection and security features.



In Vilicotel you can create reports and statistics:

-         management report

-         periodic reports and statistics

-         a customers birthday list

-         rooms’ endowment statistics

-         statistics regarding the usage of different services

-         other reports are available in extended modules



Travel agency

Many hotels rent rooms and sell services through travel agencies and in some cases administrative issues might appear. This module allows Vilicotel to take into account the conditions of each tourism operator, and also allows invoices for groups of tourists.


PBX Interface

This module allows communication with PBX to manage costs of phone calls made from the rooms of the hotel. Here you have centralized information, regarding phone calls made by each customer, and state of the rooms etc. Also in this module you can set all types of reminders for customers that ask for this service.


POS system

This module is responsible for integration in Vilicotel of  point of sales connected to the system (Bar, Restaurant etc.) and add those expenses  to the customer’s account or to the list of expenses per room.


Hardware resources:

For single workstation


-         AMD or Intel processor, running at 1.6 GHz at least

-         512 DDR or more

-         40 GB of Hard disk at least

-         Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

-         Internet connection

-         Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP

-         For Microsoft Windows XP, an update for TCP/IP is necessary.


For server:


-         AMD or Intel processor, running at 2 GHz at least

-         1GB DDR or more

-         40 GB of Hard disk at least

-         Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

-         Internet connection

-         Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP or Linux

-         For Microsoft Windows XP, an update for TCP/IP is necessary

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